Newbie looking for guidance


Nice to meet you all, hope everyone is safe and well in these strange times!

New to the world of silver collecting and keen to learn as much as I can
I’ve stumbled across this forum and would love some help

Can anyone let me know about the markings I have on these sugar tongs?

From my understand the A1 is good but the S probably means silver plate rather than the good stuff?!

Can’t make out the other markings for the life of me,

Appreciate any help, thanks so much!

Vikki x

You have a piece of English electroplate. The marks read H W S [EP] (A1). HW are the manufacturer’s initials, probably Henry Wilkinson & Co of Sheffield (the “S”). EP is the bit which tells us it’s electroplate, and A1 means best quality (i.e. thickest plating). Note that there was/is no standard for determining the use of A1; it just means that it is that maker’s best quality and it might be different from another makers A1.

If you are unsure about interpreting the sort of characters shown here you can use your computer to print out or display an alphabet in Old English font if you have it installed.


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