Newcastle Upon Tyne Spoon with Rose Handle JMP or JMB

Hi could I please have some help identifying this spoon?

It looks like JMP or JMB on the back but I can’t tell for sure. Who is the maker?
I presume it was made in Birmingham in 1876, it’s sterling i confirmed that, but I am not positive about the date and location at this time.

The initials are JMB - John Millward Banks. It is certainly Birmingham but the date letter is u for 1894.


It’s a b, my jeweler’s loupe verified that. Can you see it better here?

Another thing…an online source said John Millward Banks was registered in 1902, hence why I was confused. I guess that is not accurate information. just wasn’t sure if it was a 1876 or a 1799 b. Looks more like a 1876 b.

Another thing…an online source said John Millward Banks was registered in 1902, hence why I was confused. I guess that is not accurate information.


Here is a link - if you scroll down, this one says it was registered in 1903, but this isn’t where i found it (the 1902). This had me second guessing myself and why I reached out to you all.

Sheffield Makers Marks - JL-JR (

This version of Banks’s Birmingham mark (J.M.B) on my web site has a seen-on date of 1896 and no registration date so 1894 is not a problem. You may also notice that the version with the 1902 registration date has seen-on dates starting at 1892. The apparent anomaly is because the registration date is taken from a reference which does not always seem to quote the earliest registration date.

Assuming it’s a “u”, yes then 1894 would be correct. It’s a “b” not a “u”.

They should give the correct registration date. That was what had me confused.

Attached below is the chart referring to the “b” year and the “u” year that we are disagreeing about, per the mark on the spoon.

I just had another look at your improved picture and I now see that the date letter is “v” for 1895. Please note that this is often confused with the “b” of 1876. For comparison purposes here are the two date letters in images of real hallmarks:


You will particularly note that the earlier hallmark has a duty mark and the later one does not as duty was abolished in 1890.

Incidentally the date letter table image you put up is for Sheffield, not Birmingham.

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That is correct, that is a Sheffield dating chart posted (prior). I will start closely watching where I am routed when looking online and double checking.

However, that is a “b”, not a “u” or now a “v”, as you say. And that “b” is still 1876. (Could be confused with 1799).

“u” is 1894. “v” is 1895.

I am sorry I cannot convince you - I can say no more.

Looks pretty clear to me it’s a V in italics which means it’s 1895. Can’t be the earlier date you suggest as no duty-paid mark, a rather serious offence back then.

I have determined over the years the best way to treat “Silver makers Marks” website data is with the same respect accorded the Delphic Oracle, Pythia. Pythia was never wrong and when she was the high priests who served as her interpreters used the same approach to fact checking as Jack Nicolson’s character did in the movie “A few Good Men” .

While it might be argued that the Greeks, whose empire was entirely financed by silver stolen from the Persians, have largely been replaced, Pythia really never was. Apollo took over her job and you will remember the sad fate of Cassandra who crossed Apollo and was cursed by him to always tell the truth and never to be believed?

Churchill too had his problems with symbolic V’s. The first time he flourished the famous WWII two finger salute he did it with palm outwards and everybody north of the Mersey took offence.