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Nickel plated Silver Service

We have this silver service, but I think it is too fancy for our apartment. Interested if anyone has seen something comparable that might lead to a fair price. Our Grandma purchased this in the 1940’s used. The piece is silver plated nickel and very very unique.

• silver plated Nickel
• lazy susan design (rotates)
• base can be filled with ice (cold) or boiling water (hot)
• base has a drain for emptying the water
• four (4) serving dishes have lids with removable handles for an optional eight serving dishes
• four (4) pepper shakers and four (4) salt bowls (blue salt bowls protect salt coming into contact with silver)
• large soup tureen
Sydney & McKenna 035.jpg
silver service0002.jpg
silver service0001.jpg

Also checking with Las Vegas “Pawn Stars”.

Did some more research:

Markings CSC shields on the salt and pepper shakers, egg bowels, serving dishes and center bowl. CSC shield with a Crown on the base and soup terrine.

The piece is silver plated copper and very very unique. Description: Beautiful turntable service complete with all the parts. Silver plated Copper (not Nickel) original bake-lite handles Year: circa 1920 Country: England Height: 17 inches Width: 27 inches Materials: Silver over Copper Condition: Very Very Good (no copper showing) Status: For Sale - dhague: Oct 29 2012 5:50PM

We heard from Sotheby’s. They say it is Georgian style from the 1920s-30s. They value the piece around $3-$5,000. We have the Sotheby’s letter for support.