No hallmarks but is it silver?

I was told this is silver, however, I cannot see any hallmarks unless I’m missing something.

Would like to know the date and maker if possible. Thank you

If there are no indications of silver fineness then it is unlikely to be silver. However the only way to be sure is to get it properly tested.

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I agree. The best is to ask in a jewellery shop to test it for you. I do not mind paying the jeweller as it is their time they have to spent doing it. I was looking into several items with no hallmarks that were from outside the UK and the testing brought surprises either way.

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thank you yes I think I will

thank you yes I think I will take it to a Jeweller and get it tested

On an object like that you would probably find maker’s marks, hallmarks etc on the back of the handle not the front as shown in your photos