Non-silver but looks it

Twelve teaspoons from my wife’s parents have initials on the end identical with our eldest grandchild! So we naturally thought we’d give them to her. But they do not have the lion rampant so may be worthless. Two have a crown and ten a head alongside the maker’s identification ‘RH’. Are they worthless?

They are electroplate, not necessarily worthless but certainly nothing like solid silver. The 2 gothic letters between the images are EP. The manufacturer is/was Richard Hodd & Son, a London company.


Thanks Phil,

I was trying to see if those letters were date marks but couldn’t work it out. ‘EP’: I see it now. Thanks for the education; I’m sad they aren’t good quality! Not sure now whether to give them to Molly but, then, her initials are on them (amazingly). I’m most grateful for your quick reply. Have a happy Christmas.