Not sure if these marks relate to British Silver , import?

Hope the pictures are clear enough for this but i dont recognise these marks.
The square box lozenge contains what looks like a Large S & Beside it a M above a C. The other set of marks are .925 " a circle with 4 stick arms 1 goes through to the centre of the circle" and what looks like a date letter e… Is this maybe a import or export item. Couldnt get a clearer images so hope they suffice.

This looks like a London import mark. The date letter may actually be the script C of 1977. The sponsor’s mark is one I have seen before but not identified. It is exactly as you describe and I have seen it with London hallmarks dated 1976 to 1991, mainly on imported items.


Well im pleased you have seen the mark in the past just a pity yet to be identified , is there no way currently to know what country this would have been made , its on a Britannica link Albert chain

Without any further marks its origin is going to have to remain a mystery. It looks as if the original manufacturer’s mark may have been overstamped by SMC so they didn’t think anybody needed to know!

Hi again Phil , i have had another good look at that import letter mark with my strongest loupe & it still looks like an e , to me. Its so tiny hard to photograph what i see through the loupe. So i have retaken some photos of it for you to view & had to play around with filter shading , cropping & clarity to try & show what i see. A bit fuzzy but all the same it give a better definition of the letter. If you still say its a c i will run with that as i catalogue it.
import mark A

import mark C

Definitely a C for 1977. Here’s one I have on file:


Thanks Phil , yes that looks like it now i see it that way.
I have another post soon on silver t-bar that i cannot find maker for.
Thanks mate