Not sure what this item is?

I’m not sure what this item is? Is it an ice bucket? See the markings on the bottom, I not sure what it is? I assume it is silver plated, and the numbers 4674? We want to sell it and are not sure how much to ask for it… Any help is appreciated.

I assume it’s an ice bucket? Although I’m unaware of the markings, any help would be appreciated…
image zoomed into..jpeg
Ice bucket.jpg
image zoomed into..jpeg

Can you try for a better picture of the mark please. Don’t get so close - smaller and in-focus is far better than large and blurred. Are there any other marks? If so a picture of them would be good. How big is it?

My initial feeling is that this is probably not an ice bucket but I’m not sure what else it might be.

Thank you for taking the time to help us try to figure out what this container is? Here are the markings from the bottom.
4674 silver container!.jpg

Thanks for the new picture. The manufacturer was Hirons, Plante & Co, a Birmingham company. They were operating under that name from 1878 to 1882.

4674 would be a pattern number or some sort of internal factory identity number.

That is a biscuit box.

Thank you so much. What would something like this be worth?

If you look on a well know internet auction site, you will see them selling for anything between £80-150. Your is a rather nice one in good condition, so with the interest in Victorian silver plated pieces growing, your should be somewhere within these values.

Paul, what is the well known internet site, I’m trying to figure out where someone would sell something like this?

Paul means Ebay; we don’t like to give too much publicity to commercial organisations!