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Novice looking for help deciphering Hall marks :)

Good evening all,

First time on here so please be gently :slight_smile:.

I am trying to find out the maker, year and any other info from these hallmarks,
This is my first time of trying to read hallmarks and I seem to have conflicting information from my findings, obviously I am now throwing this out so I can get some real information from people who do know what they talking about.
As reference its a small silver box which I think was for snuff measuring 55mm wide by 36mm deep and 15mm tall.

All help gratefully received and thanks in advance.

Looks to me, from the left, to be the maker’s mark (CC) of Colen Hewer Cheshire a Birmingham silversmith, with the following symbol indicating the date letter (gothic L) of 1885/6
Anchor would be the Birmingham assay mark. The lion is the sterling .925 purity mark and finally the monarch’s head of Queen Victoria.
Hope this helps

Here is a brief page on hallmarks that may give a bit of direction to what you have. … lmarks.htm

Hope it helps…good luck.