numbers 1 to 12 with clip in box - what are they?

I have this box with little numbers, they go form 1 to 12.
They have a little clip on the back.

I hope the picture helps.

I use them to mark people’s glasses, cups, plates, etc. in parties or other occasions where people part with them but do want to use them again later.

I’m no1 100% sure they’re silver, but they tarnish like silver and become sparkling shiny and clean with silver cleaning methods.

I have no idea if this was the original use, and would love to know where it originated from and what they used to do with it originally.

ThanX in advance.
box of Numbers.jpg
closeup 1.jpg
Mark 12.jpg

well your use is as good as any. I dont know original use, but they are m
not made of silver. Alpacka is a silver look alike. Ment to look like silver but it is not.

ThanX, Now I see that the mark says “Alpacca”. Indeed some googling and Wiki look-up brought me up to date on that.

As to the original use, or a time frame for the item’s origin - have you any idea? or even a thought of where and how to go about finding out?

I once saw similar silver items (although with a different clip at the back), used for marking poles for a pheasant shoot.
The ‘gun’ would be allocated a number - which would be attached to a piece of notched hazel within the region of the shoot, then he and his dog would wait there for the beaters to flush the game out to fly over.
Just an idea …

ThanX for that thought, but I doubt that these numbers are anything like that. They are very small. The whole box is about 5x10 cm (2x4 inches) and the clip has no way of fastening onto anything. The clip is solid and not springy like that of a pen for example.

I am still looking for ideas of where else to ask or search for information.

Since it was purchased in the Netherlands - maybe somebody there will know more about it.
Is there a similar site specializing in Dutch silver or general antique?

I’m writing to ask if you ever found out what the numbers were used for as my mother-in-law has a box of them identical to yours (sent to her from The Netherlands). It has us all intrigued but we haven’t been able to discover their purpose either. Did you have any luck?

No, I wasn’t able to find out what the original use of the numbers. Interestingly my box also comes from the Netherlands and so does the one my parents own. I guess it is a Dutch thing.
Maybe we should focus on Dutch sites, or just email dutch antique sellers/collectors, or maybe museums, etc.
If you ever do find out, please post here too. (I will do the same, if and when)