Off to New York

My wife and I are off to New York in the morning for a few days, the excuse is our 40th wedding anniversary which is coming up around Thanksgiving. The real reason is we are going silver shopping…

We plan to hawk the 6th Ave. Flea Market on Sunday, then the Manhattan Antique & Arts center on 2nd Ave. on Monday (Nathan Horowitz’s shop there is addictive), have an appointment to visit Lauren Stanley (Stan Szabo) too. Stan has one of the most amazing collections of fine late 19th and early 20th century American silver on the planet. Have dinner scheduled a couple of nights with old NYC friends.

If any of you other silver collectors have any places you know we should visit, give me an email today, VLR@RKKDLAW.COM or call me on my cell phone, 225 937 1319.

I’ll be away from the computer until next Thursday evening.

Vic Roy, a/k/a Uncle Vic