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Off to the silver show again

My wife and I are heading to Miami Beach tomorrow for the big antique show and will be gone for a week. Our timing is really good as its supposed to be bitterly cold here and nice & warm down there.

It will be interesting to see how the high price of raw silver affects antique silver prices. If any of our readers will be around the show and would like to chat, my cell phone is 225 937 1319.

Uncle Vic

how was it vic? And how was the price affected? Very interested to know this. Im deciding whether to buy big again, however silver is at its highest price atm if im right. Im not spending alot to find its worth less in a years time!

We just returned. The big news was that it was 82 degrees F. and sunny every day in Miami. Cold and snow in most of the rest of the USA so that alone was a treat.

Now for the show…I was amazed to find virtually no increase in the price of antique silver items. Dealers were careful to weigh items but the net result was the prices appeared to me to be about the same that they were last year at this show. In fact, many dealers told me that demand was way down due to the poor overall economy and they have actually REDUCED prices from last year. My wife and I purchased a few items at what I considered attractive prices.

Overall, it is a very fun show and a nice place to spend a sunny week.


Uncle Vic