Okay, so I bought this bowl

I just picked this bowl up today at the local thrift store and I cannot decipher the markings. There is no maker name or number only the three symbols but it does have a machine stamped number

on the bottom as well. I’m just starting out at all this silver collecting so speak slowly and use small words!

Sorry, the markings from left to right is a diamond with an Old English style capital letter “R” and then the circle which looks like I thought maybe a lion’s head or a person’s head? And the last marking is a diamond with the same font and capital as the “R” but it’s an “S”.

This seems to fit your description:



Hey thanks Phil! I’ll continue my research and learning. Glad to have found this site, hope I use it frequently! Happy hunting!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I dug a little deeper into this bowl but now I’m feeling that I need a little directional advisement please. I have found several online sources that document that in 1905 Frank M. Schofield of The Schofield Company, Baltimore, Maryland (1903- 1967) joined in partnership with Henry Heer changing the name to Heer-Schofield Company. Heer died in 1927 and again the name was changed to Frank M. Schofield in 1928. In 1967 and after a few more name changes, the company was purchased by the Stieff Company. Looking into the maker’s mark on the bowl, the diamond shape denotes the bowl was crafted in 1917. As you see in the previously posted pictures that there is no company name inscribed on the bottom, only the maker’s Mark and numbers that look as tho they may have been machine stamped. The bowl has a decent sized dent in it to suggest the softer silver metal. However, I am now left to wonder if this bowl is authentic? Any suggestions from anyone into any direction I should go to obtain further information is largely appreciated. Have a great evening.

It would be difficult to definitively say something is authentic or not based on a few photos on the internet, but what I see so far gives me no concern that it is not authentic. If you are seriously concerned that your item is fake in some way, there are some pretty good websites I’ve found just doing google searches that help get a handle on the most common ways items are faked.

Thank you Lemec. Perhaps I should consider a professional appraisal as I am motivated to place the bowl for purchase.

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