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Old English spoon dates

I think these hallmarks on four old English spoons are too worn and “squashed” to be able to date them, but there are so many of you out there who are experts at this sort of thing that I thought I would give it a try–I was just wondering if you could possibly make out any of the date letters, and also, who AR might be? I played around with the contrast and other controls in hopes of making the hallmarks more readable, but I’m afraid they might be too far gone! Thanks so much for trying![
Spoon 3.JPG
Spoon 2.JPG
Spoon 1.JPG

Spoon 4.JPG

I’m certainly no expert but looking at these marks and where they are positioned on the haft of the spoons and the shape of the lion passant, I’d have a shot in the dark guess and say these are pretty early say around Queen Anne period, early 18th century. Try Andrew Archer for the AR mark, it looks a pretty good fit even with the distorting over time.