Old Family Heirloom - Silver Pocket Watch

Hello everyone.

I’ve been on the net for the last few hours trying to identify where and when my watch was made, and unfortunately we haven’t had much luck. We don’t really even know who it belonged to, or remotely where it was from, but possibly from Germany, although the town mark doesn’t seem to match anything.

I do have a good quality camera, however it can’t zoom in enough to take clear photo’s of the hallmarks, but I have uploaded some high res photos as well as a drawing of what the Town Mark actually looks like.

We can make out most of it (if what we have found is correct). The maker’s mark is PC. It’s Sterling Silver as according to the Lion Mark. The Town Mark we can’t find, but it’s a blank shield with what almost looks like spears behind it crossed. The Date Mark is a lower case ‘r’.

In the photos it kind of looks like the Date Mark is an L but it’s not, it’s the one I’ve got in the picture I drew of the Town Mark.

I really hope someone out there can help, we’re really stumped as to where it came from and therefore who it belonged to >.<

Thanks in advance.

First High Res
Second High Res
Front of watch

Welcome to the forum. The hallmarks indicate that the watch case was assayed in London in 1872. What you see as a blank shield is actually the London uncrowned leopard’s head, but the features have been polished off over the last 138 years. PC was a specialist watch case maker called Peter Clerc.

Thank you so much! We thought perhaps it was the leopard but weren’t sure as it doesn’t look like anything was ever there.

Couldn’t find anything about the maker either, but thanks for clearing up the year and such. We have a better idea of where it’s from and who owned it now :slight_smile: