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i found this old spoon that i believe its made of silver but i cant find anywhere the hallmarks id, i do have an idea its British from the 1800´s but im not sure.

Thank you!

This is not a British hallmark. It is, however, typical of an electroplater’s mark. I cannot identify it for sure though.

Thank you for the reply, so thats why i couldnt find the hallmarks id anywhere…

Do you know any database of world hallmarks i can search about it?

Thank you again for the help, i feel the duty to know the entire story of this old spoon :smiley:

It’s most likely a British electroplate mark so searching world hallmarks won’t help. There is no indication of any sort of silver fineness so it is highky unlikely to be silver. If you want to try your luck has a guide to some world hallmarks and they have a very active forum if you would like to try your query there.

Thank you for the tip, i will have a look there.
I found this spoon in Portugal but it doesnt relate to any of our marks here.
Its a really old spoon and thats why it doesnt have any number indicating silver quantity or quality, being silver plated or silver steerling i understand modern marks have always a number on it.
Much apreciated for the help and here she is :slight_smile: