Old Irish salver


My family has an Irish Silver salver which is early in date and in very good condition. Details as follows.

Diameter: 14 inches
maker: Joseph Walker
Assayed in Dublin
Year: 1693

No photo but I might be able to post one soon.

Any ideas on value? I’m interested to know for insurance purposes.


I would advise you to have this professionally valued in writing. Your insurance company is highly unlikely to accept any sort of unsubstantiated claim without a fight.

Hi silvermakermarks,

Thanks for your reply. I would be quite willing to have the salver professionally valued. Right now it is in the bank. I am more curious to invite expert opinion about the piece rather than use the information for insurance purposes.


In that case some pictures are essential.

I’ll see if I can get some pictures over the next week or so. In the meantime I have some other pieces which need to be positively identified and valued if possible. I’ll try to take some pictures over the weekend and post. I’ve already taken some pictures but the hallmarks and close up details are not good enough so I’ll have to try again and if I get the right quality I’ll post what I have.