old perfume tray

So the tray once belonged to my great grandmother, and made its way to me. I can not really take a good picture of the marks due to past polishing has almost rubbed one mark clear off. I have searched online resources and can not find the marks. The first is a gothic M in a shield, the second is what looks like a wilted trident in a shield, and the third is a crown with a C under it in a shield. The first shield is more curvy and the second two have flat tops and flat sides but the bottom bells and curves into the point. The crown is straight lined and not ornate in any way. It is the crown shape that is similar to what children may draw on pictures. If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks!

I suspect that what you are describing is an unidentified mark illustrated here.

that’s looks very similar. Mine seems to be a little more defined line wise. Not as chunky I guess. Well except where the first marking is almost polished off anyhow. I feel bad for my pretty silver top and the not polished bottom but all well it does it’s job. Thanks so much for the help your awesome.