Old silver plate

Can anyone help identify and give ballpark value? I will have to post images as seperate attachment. I can make out 925 I’m almost sure but plate has some damage[/img]



One more

I take it that if no one replies with an opinion then what i have is a piece of junk? :laughing:

No idea from anyone? What I know about this is it was my Grandpa’s, he said it was hundreds of years old and it was dug up in some ruins in England. Don’t know if this is for sure the real story. Could be pewter for all I know.

So it appears that if I don’t have King Henry’s personal silver set no one on this site feels a reply is worth the three seconds it would take to say’ I don’t know’ what you have or it’s value. What a great site this is, I’ll be sure to come back with some undamaged antique sterling items I have so I can be ignored by all you silver experts. Common courtesy is the word my friends. Anyone that take the time to post on this site at least deserves a one or two word answer, even if the item is made of plastic!. Then you wouldn’t get sarcastic follow up posts like mine. You should change the name of this site to ‘If you don’t have priceless sterling that was owned by King Henry, don’t bother posting’.

Dont know the marks that is why I did not respond.
I wrote the same as you did - some time ago.

I am almost sure that it is not silver - but pewter.
Age - not old (i.e. up to a 100 years i my definition) I am sure that it is made after 1900 - when I cannot say.

Might very well be found among ruins efter some bomb during ww2. I find that story very possible. Try to get confirmation from your family upon the story - it might be good…

Hello Hose_dk, Thanks so much! That could make sense, maybe damaged from German bombing during WWII… I suspected pewter might be what it was. Sad to say my Grandpa passed last year, so additional info not possible. I am off to a fantastic start this AM. I got out of bed and promptly passed out and hit my head on Lord knows what… But I really appreciate you answering me. I have a few other items I might post, but don;t know if I should one is five sterling candlestick holders made by DAVCO LTD China, these I have no doubt are sterling, the other sort of a dish/bowl on a stand, looks pretty old and says sterling reinforced with cement on bottom. Hope things are good in Denmark, here in California we have had better times, as I lost my job of 8 1/2 years in August. No one is hiring. Thanks again from Dan Douville

Well Denmark is cold it is winter. Unemployment is not existing in Denmark. Everybody without a job canbe seated at a football stadion. At one time so we have to import workforce.

Try to post - you never know what happens.

You wrote that he passed away - but he might have told the story - to friends or other relatives. That what I ment by try to find.

Take this silver piece. I bought it in a second hand shop. Turned out to be given to a danish war hero after the ww2. After fighting with the germans during the occupation af Copenhagen at the royal palace in copenhagen.
I have no clue of the man but I investicated the story - and found it.
Best wishes from denmark.

That is really a beautiful piece, and so much history behind it. Thanks again from Dan, and Happy Holidays. I wish for Peace on earth for all mankind this season.

One more question for Hose_dk, is that item a shotglass? just curious.

big shots then - it is 14 cm high. and 396 gram