Old Silver Spoon - need more info about it

Old Silver Spoon - need more info about it

Hi all,

My grandmother was given a very old silver spoon by a noble englishman in 1971. She passed away recently and I inherited this spoon from her. Below are the photos of this spoon:


It is made of solid silver and was told it costs a fortune. Can someone give me more info about the markings and from which period it might be originating?


The British hallmarks show that it was imported into Britain and assayed as sterling at the London assay office in 1895. The sponsor/importer was Berthold Muller, a well-known importer of silver. The spoon itself was probably made in the German town of Hanau. The maker’s mark is typical of a Hanau mark but is not one which I recognise. It would have been new when imported.