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old silver suger bowl

hi i am new here ,just latley i have been in the loft ,whilst there i found what looks like dirty metal suger bowl highly decorated with handles it is silver as i found out ,the only mark is a 6 with dot at top and a 3 both in italice can you help please thank you maria

hi even if its not worth anything i amnterested to know what the 6 and 3 are thank youi

hi i am wondering why nobody has even said this is worthless,or anything .other people seem to get answers i am interested in this bowl , help please

Hi Maria and thanks for joining us. We need to see a clear, close-up photo of the maker’s marks to help identify the item. The numbers you mention are probably a model, size, or pattern number and give us no clue as to the maker or material of manufacture. The absence of UK hallmarks - such as the lion passant purity mark, town mark, and/or date mark - and - the absence of some other silver purity mark such as “sterling silver”, “925”, etc. tells us your item is almost certainly silver plated or some metal other than silver. Such an item would have little commercial value.

This site is monitored daily and usually the lack of an immediate response means we can’t offer anything much on the item. But we are always glad to help and hope you can post a little more information.


Uncle Vic

thank you so much for your reply this is definatly silver ,the strange theng no mark ,when were hallmarks first put on silver please maria

Hallmarks on sterling silver date back into the 1300s on English silver and purity marks on other silver into the 18th century in the US and Europe. The absence of purity marks almost always means the item is not solid silver. There is a fairly simple test using acid that most jeewelers can perform to determine if it is solid silver. I can count on one hand the number of solid silver holloware items I have seen over the years that were not purity marked in some way.


Uncle Vic

thank you i will have it tested ,i will let you know thank you again uncle vic maria