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Old spoons and other items, please help :)

Hi! My name is Tammy and I’m from Croatia… I found this page when I tried to search informations about old spoons I found at grandpa’s house.

I know my pictures aren’t the best quality and i dont know why they are rotated the wrong way but i really hope someone could help me to find information about them and whats their value.

I did not clean them as I dont know how to do it and i do not want to ruin them.

  1. spoon
    markings it has 1896 and 13 on the rigght mark

    initals on the back (i dont’know what they mean, they aren’t my grandpas initials)

    whole spoon

  2. fork
    markings are AB

    whole fork

  3. some kind fo grapple (i dont know the right name of it in english :slight_smile: )
    markings are really hard to read, i think its some kind of a bird on it

    whole grapple

  4. other spoons with berndorf alpacca marking (the one from 1891-1930)
    marking (hard to see, but i found its berndorf alpacca 1891-1930)

    middle spoon

    small spoon

    big spoon

i have 2 of these last big spoons, one has berndorf alpacca mark and other has a star mark, eventho they are the same spoons. this is the star mark

im sorry if i didnt put it in a right topic…

Don’t worry about the topic. Lack of response probably just means that everybody who has looked at your post is unable to help.

I think that your first spoon may be from Denmark but I don’t know enough about Danish markings to be sure.

thank you for any help :slight_smile:, i tried to look for that mark also as i find that spoon more interesting than others, but i didnt have any luck.
the only mark i found was berndorf alpacca on bottom spoons…

nr 1 is not Denmark. The tower has nothing to do with the 3-towers of Denmark.
I would think this where hungaria/austria.
Or somewhere in the (today) germany/poland.
but my best is Austria/hungarian impire.

and by the way - polish nr 1 - either use a silver polish cream. If you dont have use a piese of cloth. Polish it should shine. Now you have only dirt on this butiful biedermeier spoon.

and another thing handpolish can NEVER damage the spoon. You can even clean it by the use of your finger rubbing it - finger get dirty, but better finger than spoon.

thank you, we also think it has some relations to Austria rather than Denmark, i polished them and now they look really nice!!! we’ll try to sell them here in Croatia, if not then they’ll go on ebay.