old spoons

Hi we have three old spoons in the family which we have unsuccessfully tried to identify the marks.
Suspect they are all plate, 2 actually have the ep marking The 3rd has a trumpet? which I suspect also implies plate even without the obvious ep mark.but thre is no obvious wear marks on the spoon and the construction of it seems to be the spoon end melded onto the handle.
Can anyone help me identiy the origins and dates of the 3 and confirm or otherwise that the ‘trumpet’ marked spoon is indeed plate ??? : :

You are right in thinking that all 3 are electroplate. The Rodgers-marked spoon is by Joseph Rodgers & Sons of Sheffield. I think that R&D is most likely Roberts & Dore. The third one is James Dixon & Sons (probably) for Harrods. I suspect that they all date from the mid-20th century.

Thankyou for your quick reply, just a short question, all three are vgc, do they have any value at all or shall we pop them into the local hospice shop?

I think these are destined for the hospice shop as electroplate generally has very little commercial value. My opinion is that these are not sufficiently special or outstanding to be worth very much.

Thanks very much , your comments are much appreciated… Will close this link now.