old sterling flatware

I am thinking of selling some family sterling flatware. It seems that some of these patterns are quite old. I wondered if they had more value as antiques than just the weight? There are place settings of Wadefield by Kirk Stieff, spoons and forks of Kentucky Tipt by Joseph Seymour and two little pieces of Mothers new by Gorham?
Any help?

Hi there Natalie, and thanks for joining us. American sterling flatware was produced in large quanties from the 1880s until now. Production has tapered off as it is not in style with modern brides as it was in the past. I’d go online at www.replacements.com and first identify the patterns and see what they are asking for place settings…they are on the very high side of retail, price-wise. Then go on ebay and search out what your patterns are actually selling for by searching the “completed items”. Guess the bottom line is there is no rule of thumb as some patterns (Reed & Barton’s Francis I for example) command prices far above most others. With raw silver over $18 a troy oz. now, the scrap value of much of our antique silver is at or above the “antique” value.


Uncle Vic

Uncle Vic,
Thank you for your reply. I have Identified the patterns and gotten offers from Replacements.com. Next I’ll go to a coin shop or the like and see what they say.
Thanks again,