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Older Gorham markings?

I have a teapot with these markings on the bottom. I think it might be an early Gorham, but am not sure. The rest of the markings on the bottom consist of a “male symbol” (the circle with an arrow projecting from it), the inscription 1153 T-P, and the stamp 1 1/3 PINT STERLING. Does anyone recognize these markings? Thanks very much.

sterling teapot 005a.jpg

Hi there and thanks for joining us - sorry for the delay but I’ve been away on a fishing trip. Yes, it is an early Gorham mark. Gormam registered that mark in 1899 but at that time stated it had been in use since 1853. The number below the mark is a model or pattern number. The male symbol is Gorham’s holloware date mark for 1894, which is the date your item was made.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so much for the response and information.

Now I have another question, if you don’t mind. I’ve attached another photo of the teapot, and was wondering what the white material on the handle would be. Do you think it is ivory? Thanks very much.
Gorham 1894Teapot.jpg

Yes, probably ivory due to the pot’s age. They are insulators to prevent the center section of the handle from becoming too hot from the hot tea inside. As the ivory trade dwindled in the mid 20th century, most makers began to use bone or plastic for the insulators. You should exercise care when handling or cleaning the pot as the insulators tend to become somewhat fragile as they age, and replacing them is a major (read: stunningly expensive) undertaking.


Uncle Vic

thank you very much for your knowledge and expertise.