One more monogram decipher help - please?

Hi, I have one guess of “SNP” – I don’t see that and it doesn’t fit our family that I know of. – Any other guesses? Thanks in advance!

I should say that the “S” and the “P” could work but I’m wondering a couple things about that… How “common” would it be to have a man’s initials on a spoon for a man that lived 1847-1924? If it was his would it have then been most likely a “child’s spoon?” — and “if” it’s an SP and it’s his then the last name isn’t deciphered yet. – which makes me also wonder… If the S and the P are on the outsides and a letter in the center represents a surname, would that have “always” been done in a larger font? Or would it be “normal” at that time to have three letters of the same size with the middle letter representing the surname? – Thanks!!

Looks to me like JMP ?