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Only 2 Silver hallmarks on T-Bar

Hi EVERYONE. I have here a Silver Albert chain with colonial era jade pendant fob.
I note unusually the T-Bar is only stamped with the Passant Lion & date letter k. No town mark or at least maker mark. The entire links of the the chain are each stamped with the lion passant. Is this unusual for no town mark & what would that mean ?

Normally a maker’s mark and town mark would be on the other arm of the bar. However I have seen examples with incomplete marks so it does happen. In this case I can say with certainty, judging from the shape of the existing punches, that the missing assay office mark is the Birmingham anchor.


Thanks again Phil , can you date the letter mark for me because im struggling to do so.

Date letter “k” is 1909/10.

Again thanks very much for your help Phil.