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Only one hallmark - RH inside a crown,

I’m hoping someone can help me with this one, Please find images I have uploaded of this item. I’m not sure if this is silver or just a makers own mark? Any suggestions?

I don’t recognise it from your description, but it would help if you could post a bigger picture and crop it so that only the mark is visible.


Thank you for the quick response! Please find image attached.

I found another query about RH in a crown (see here). We couldn’t answer that one either.

I have just posted a query on this mark too. Did you find anything else out about it? Thank you. Ruth

Thanks for the post.
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.

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I have a couple of small silvered bronze figures bearing this mark and also have been unable to find any information on the maker. There must be someone somewhere that is able to identify these marks, we can live in hope. :confused:

Hi there folks, I was just as puzzled as you all were but I think I have solved the riddle, the mark would appear to be that of ‘Royal Hampshire’ also known as ‘the royal hampshire art foundry’ you will see their RH in a crown on their boxes which is identical to the stamped mark which has had us all puzzled.

I have read that they ceased trading a couple of years ago but havent fully researched them yet, I have seen a boxed item identical to one of my pieces which does tend to confirm it for me.

I’m a few years behind these posts but hope it helps!