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Order of Garder Chaffing Dish


The dish is from the order of Garder, not sure about the specific knit that owned the dish. The coat of arms in on the top of the dish with also the knit crown.

In the bottom of the dish is the order of Garder symbol with the English crown on top, not sure also about the coat of arms, looks like all knits have a different one… Anyway… we want to know how much this will de value and where is the best place to take it… we might need to sell :frowning:

Thank you ALL!

In the bottom is a mark of the British crown with a JS inscription

Is there no hallmark? If not then it cannot be silver. It will therefore have value only as a decorative object.

The form of the coronet shows that the original owner was an earl.

The badge of the Order of the Garter implies that the owner was a member of the order.

There is a hallmark, I guess I was so tired that I didn’t see it…

Anyway we are talking of a dish from JOHN HUGE LE SAGE, George II, Silver, London, year: 1746

Belonged to an EARL

Hugh not Huge LOL

In that case this is an important piece of silver and I suggest you take it to a specialist dealer or auction house for a proper valuation. They should also have the time and resources to identify the original owner.