Ornate silver box

Hello members
my first post on this forum.
Interesting ornate box ,supposed to be by Hermann Ratzersdorfer 1862.
any opinions will be appreciated.

Charlie.IMG_6690 (640x480) (4)

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I think you are more likely to get an answer to your query where you originally posted it.


Thanks Phil for your comments,You may be right,I was not sue if this forum may have different members to the other one,that’s why I posted it here as well.Are you saying this forum is not as good as the other one?
Kind Regards.


We don’t have many contributors unfortunately. This forum used to be very active but it dwindled to just a handful of members before being closed in 2016. It was revived 2 years later under new management but hasn’t managed to attract many regular contributors. I do my best …

Hi Phil
Thanks again.
Sorry the hear about the decline of the forum.
Thanks for letting me know.
The other forum is fantastic,with a lot of very knowledgable members.
I have been on that forum for a little while
Under the name Guido.


and you will recognise my user name from there.

Hi Members
I did not realise I have posted these images here, and it is the same forum .
That I replied to an older post re Hermann Ratzersdorfer ,maker of my box.earlier today.
Sorry about this ,I thought it was a different forum. (as freddy)

Hello I an interested to know if this forum is the same as the silver salon forum?

regards charlie.

No, it isn’t - we’re much more laid back!

Hello many thanks.
A bit confusing all these silver forums,
The salon one is a nightmare to navigate and post picture.
A very difficut and not very user friendly site, I have said this there.
I remember your forum was quite easy to load images.

Regards Charlie.