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Outrageously beautiful kettle on stand- who made it? Silver?

This kettle on stand is marked Made in England with the attached trademark. The lamp is marked PROV. PAT 1750 / 12
No silver content mark found, other numerals on kettle are 21 on the bottom
I hope someone out there can add info for my research. Thanks

That is a silverplate mark used by Barker Brothers of Birmingham England.

just going through the posts to learn, then i came accross this… This isnt electroplate… Rather old sheffield plate. Its the mark for Blagden, Hodgson 1821. I think 925-1000 got that one wrong…

Although Blagden, Hodgson & Co used this symbol, it was also used by Barker Bros, and in this case (note “Made in England” would not be on OSP) snuffer is correct to say that this was made by Barker Bros.

i never seen the made in england mark. My mistake. Thanks for that