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Over polished salver



Recently i brought a silver salver sheffield 1925 which has suffered severe over polishing in areas, is there any way to recover the piece and bring a more even balance of colour backother than leaving it for another 80 years.

Any advise would be great.



What do you mean by over polished?? Is it simply too bright?? or do you mean that the silver is thin?? or something else?


Hi Jonathan

It seems that when you look at it, some areas appear to be brighter than others as if you can see where someone has concentrated polishing the same place and neglected other areas, and it just seems too bright compared to other silver items i have. i’ve tried photographing the salver but due to the reflectivness of the silver its hard to catch.

I understand its hard to help without being able to see the problem.

Kind regards


Hello Daniel,

Sorry for such a late reply.

At this point, I would search out a reputable restorer and have him/her hand massage a natural looking patina in the over buffed areas into the surrounding area. This will give the piece an overall evenness. If you try this yourself, you may end up using too harsh an abrasive and having to take it to a restorer anyway.

Best of luck.