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Pair of Frank Whiting sterling candlesticks

Could I get an estimate of these candlesticks? I’m interested in them as a restoration prospect for a gift but I’m not sure quite what they’re worth before an after restoration and how much a restoration would run me. Knowing silver content would also be pretty nice. Thank you guys.

The silver content is 925/1000 - that is the definition of sterling. These candlesticks look as if they are filled; i. e. a sheet of silver formed into the right shape and then filled with resin or some other substance to give them some weight. For a value try to find something of similar size in Ebay’s “Sold” listings but I don’t expect value to be very high - not enough to make restoration worthwhile anyway.


Hey Phil, I appreciate your quick response, i was more looking for a percentage of the weight of the candlesticks in silver, not silver content of the silver portion of of the candlesticks but that’s irrelevant at this point since it’s probably not worth fixing up. Once again, thank you for the response, Phil!

Generally weighted pieces like that don’t have a lot of value, as the silver is usually quite thin, and subject to damage very easily.

Yeah, I noticed it was pretty dinged up, however I didn’t know it was filled with resin. I appreciate yalls responses, saved me from wasting 50 bucks. :slight_smile:

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