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Pair of old Sterling Silver Candlesticks

I have a pair of what I believe are Georgian Candlesticks. They are each 12" x 5.5" and weigh about 2lbs each (but I guess they are weighted in the bases?).

They were my grandfathers but no idea where he got them from, been in a cupboard for donkey’s years They are both hallmarked and have crests on each (hand engraved as they differ slightly) although I don’t know what family these belong to.

The time has come for them to be sold but I have no idea of their value or their date although someone told me 1806 possibly and that they were Sheffield silver.

If anyone can help I’d be grateful. Maker is SK & Co. There is also a number on each ‘9-0’ and ‘9-1’.

Thanks in advance.

I can confirm that they are Sheffield, 1806. The maker is Samuel Kirby & Co. I would suggest a possible value in the range £1200-£1800, but I’m happy to be overruled by anybody with a better idea.