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Pair of Richard Hodd and Richard Hodd Candlesticks?

I purchased this pair of Candlesticks from Ebay. They are quite dirty and what little I have done to polish them they seem to be just beautiful. What I would like to know is if they are real and what may I safely do to clean them? Also are they real I do have a photo of the makers mark, that I can provide as well. The makers marks R.H. over R.H. to the left and four marks that are rather difficult to read. I have provided a photo of the marks. I did not pay $900 US for them just F.Y.I. :smiley: Thank you in advance for all time and trouble involved.

The central two marks are EP so your candlesticks are electroplated rather than solid silver. To clean them you should treat them exactly as you would had they been silver. Just remember that electroplating only gives a thin layer of silver on a base metal so clean carefully and gently as every clean inevitably removes some silver.

Thank you for the information and help. There is no plate loss whatsoever. Just some dings and scratches from age. Do you have any idea of the age? The seller said 1880. I will post pictures when I am done.