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Paterna & Livi - Hammered Sterling Artwork


Hello, I’m looking for thoughts on exactly what I have here and the value. Found in a junk store. I have two pieces of artwork made from sterling. Based on my research, here’s what I found. Each piece represents a different scene of the artwork painting of Roesler Franz. (Ettore Roesler Franz - 11 May 1845 – 26 March 1907 was an Italian painter and photographer of German origin) The pictures I’m attaching here show one of them, the silversmith’s marks, and the signature.

The framed picture measures 18 x 16 x 2. The sterling silver 3D scene measures approx. 8" x 6". The makers marks trace back to Paterna & Livi, a mid century Italian silversmith. (Firenze,Italy) Each piece is marked,: * 336 FI 925 R 16 + 20g. The letter R on each is inside of a square. I have not been able to determine who signed the pieces.

Appreciate any insight…thank you. Specifically, 1) am I correct on the silversmith? 2) What does the letter R inside the square mean? 3) Does 16+20g mean 16 ounces plus 20 grams of silver weight for each piece?