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Paul Storr CAndle snuff and wick trimmer

I have a wick trimmer/candle snuff. I think I have identified the makers mark as Paul Storr but i dont understand the rest. It is silver plate but does anyone know what the other marks on this item mean please? Also, any idea of value?

I think what you have there are close plate marks. The PS stands for plated steel.
Close plating is similar to fused plating, but the base metal is steel.

Looks like the marks of John Gilbert, Birmingham, England.

snuffer, you’re mistaken. It IS a Paul Storr. That is his hallwark.

Although the PS mark resembles that of Paul Storr we must look at the whole set of marks for full identification. A Storr piece would have a full set of London marks: lion passant, duty mark, date letter and [optional at this period] leopard’s head.

In this case snuffer is correct with the attribution to Gilbert.

I also have candle snuffers seemingly identical to the ones fron foggymonkey, however, my marks are like the center row of the ones you sent. Any idea of the value of the snuffer as I want to put them on e-bay?



Hi can someone help me please,ive been digging around for hallmarks on the internet for hours now,anyway I have a beautiful antique candle snuffer on it says PS then next to it smith,I did some digging and looked on every single silver plated hallmark A-Z so I moved onto silver and found PS standing for paul storr,I just want to know its age and value please,the paul storr hallmark I found was 1807



My (much earlier) reply to tdblanchard stands: a Paul Storr silver wick trimmer would have a full set of London hallmarks comprising, at least, lion passant, date letter, duty mark, and probably a leopard’s head, crowned or uncrowned. This does not; it, too, is “plated steel”. A similar one sold recently on Ebay for £10.