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Pearl handled knife and fork set--Approx value?

Does any one have a figure range of what this set it worth? Elkington and Company, 1893 (thank you silvermakersmark), original box, near mint condition.

I am a bit confused with this hallmark
The E &CO in 3 circles has been used since 1902 to present, but the date letter is not a recognised letter form with in this period,
the t in the 1837 is the correct shape but it should be in an oval shield, they have not used this shape t in Birmingham since.

This could be a mark made to deceive.

Looking at the silver cutlery, it is a reasonable modern design and looks to be in excellent condition, but with mother of peal handles.

I am really confused, :confused:

Perhaps someone else has some thoughts?

I originally posted this on the identification forum. Silvermakersmark responded, believes the date mark indicates 1893. Is this inaccurate? I bought these at an estate sale in my neighborhood, so I have no knowledge of how they came to be possessed. All help is appreciated!