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Perfume bottles - estimation

Hello there.

I have just started to collect antiques and for some reason drawn to pefume bottles. I have a feeling this is something I will specialise in buying as I think most examples are quite exquisite. My main reason for collecting is obviously personal use but will eventually want to sell some of my items to hopefully make a profit. I really want to know if perfume bottles are popular right now, how much I should be paying for one and makers I should be looking our for. Any other info would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Hi thare and thanks for joining us. Yes, silver and silver overlaid glass perfume bottles have become very popular in the past several years, and values have gone up accordingly. eBay is probably still the best place to get a rough idea of what they are selling fo - do a search on the completed items.

I see American early 1900s sterling overlaid glass perfume bottles I was buying for $50 or so now selling for triple that in just a few short years.


Uncle Vic

Hi Barabus,

Many people collect perfume bottles. The inlaid glass one’s with silver tops are the most sought adter and widely collected. If buying them beware of dents in the silver and chips to the glass as these could be costly to rectify.

we sell several scent/ perfume bottles to collectors worldwide. It might be worth kjeeping an eye on our website for examples.

Hope the info has been of some help.