Photo Added - Wallace Rose Point Kettle - Stand - Burner

Hello everyone. I have a Rose point pattern Coffee or Tea Kettle, not sure which they call it. It has a stand with a small burner that sits under the kettle. If I remember right it has 4 pins that hold it on the stand instead of feet. I have looked several times over the last few years ebay, replacements, etc. But have yet to find one listed for sale. Replacements has a listing that it was made but not even a photo. Any ideas on where to find a real world price? I have the whole set without the tray but without any idea on the value of the kettle I’m reluctant to offer it for sale.
Thought I had a photo on here but can’t find it. If need be I can dig it out and take another. Thanks, Mike
Rose Point Ketle 2.jpg