Pickle fork marks?

Hi Folks,
Total newbie, I can’t fathom what the marks mean on my grandmothers pickle fork…
If anyone can shed any light on it I’d be very grateful:-)
Also, is it ok to give it a clean up? I think a lot of the plate has worn off I think - what’s the best approach to not ruin it further?!

Many thanks in advance,

The EP and NS confirm that it is electroplated nickel silver and ISG is for the manufacturer, I S Greenberg & Co of Birmingham. Use a good quality silver polish to remove any tarnish. Other metal polishes will be much too aggressive. Nickel silver is a white metal so with a bit of luck any plating loss will not be too obvious.


Thanks Phil, appreciated, i’ll give it a gentle rub and see how it comes up :slight_smile: All the best,