Pickle fork Unknown hallmark

Hi am new to the site and was wondering if anyone can help me find out what the hall marks are on this little pickle fork that I have had for many years in a box in my attic. There were some spoons to but I have managed to find those hope someone can help me

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Not a hallmark - it’s a design registration mark. A guide to interpreting the mark can be found at British Registry Date Numbers - at 925-1000.com. This will give you the exact date on which the design was registered so the pickle fork would have been made some time after that date.


Thank you, I have searched high and low for those marks many times and kept giving up. Thought I would try one more time when I came upon this site. If I am reading the mark correct then the year is 1880 to 1883. To be honest if it was any of those dates on the table it’s ok it was more the finding out the meaning of the marks that mattered so again big thanks to you.

The year letter looks most like J (1880) to me. I’m not sure how they got 31 April though!