Picture frame hallmarks

This frame has six small hallmarks which are hard to photograph. The first is in an oval and the second, third and fourth are together in a rectangle.

I think that the frame probably is sterling and that it might have been made in Florence.
Is this correct?

What does the third hallmark “665” mean?

Do the last two hallmarks mean that only 364 g of the total weight of the frame is sterling silver?

I suppose that this frame is not old?

Yes, this is an Italian hallmark and 925 means that it is sterling. FI is the province abbreviation of Firenze (Florence). 665 is the silversmith’s registration number. 364 looks like some sort of pattern or factory identification number of no external significance.


A pattern number seems very likely. I did not think about that before but got confused by the GR mark and thought that mark might be short for gram.

Many thanks Phil!