Platter Identification and Value?


My girl friend was just given a silver platter that was her grandmothers. I have attached two pictures. Can anyone give me (us) an idea of vale and any background on the markings?

Thank you all in advance for the help!

Hello! Unfortunatly this is not a silver platter. EPNS refers to electro plated nickel silver. The value of this object is debatable. The metal itself is not worth anything, but considering the prestige of the producer, Reed & Barton, it may be valuable. I attach down below a photo with something similar. This photo can also be useful for the valuation.


Thank you for the help!

I take a lot of this stuff to the junk yard at about $160-1.75 per pound.

$1.60 - $1.75 per pound.

Be careful you don’t throw away any silver plate. Sheffield plate especially.

" The Industrial Revolution brought about huge changes across society, and none more so than in the production of silver items.

"One of the most radical of these changes was the invention of the silver plating process, whereby a thin layer of silver could be applied to the surface a cheaper metal. This allowed objects to be created with the appearance of silver, but at a significantly lower cost.

"Sheffield Plate — produced in Sheffield between 1760-1840 — was the earliest form of silver plating.

“The plating method involves thin sheets of silver being fused (using heat) to a base metal, which, for Sheffield Plate, was copper. Using this layering technique, companies were able to create a wide range of ‘silvered’ household items, that could be sold to the growing middle classes.”

EPNS replaced it in about 1840 but something good by a good maker may well be worth a lot.

Here, for instance is a Pair 19th C. English Old Sheffield Plate 11.5" Covered Entree Dishes, Armorial entre dishes at $900.

But if you are disposing of it at $1.75 per pound I may be interested in assisting your rubbish problems. the copper alone is worth $4.25 per pound and in the old plate that is often the middle of the sandwich. Where the initials were to be engraved the piece was .925 silver.

With EPNS arrival the coating became micro thin .999 silver.

Good hunting!