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Please any help identifying these hallmarks

I have a nice silver teapot, but I don’t even know if it’s plated or not. I’ve tried decyphering the hallmarks from the guide, but I guess I don’t have the special know how. Does anyone have any info on these hallmarks…? Clockwise from top: Crown symbol; right side is a cross inside a shield; far right is letter W; bottom is a crown with the letters MF below; left side is letter A in an oval shape; centre looks like “P’u me”. I hope this means something to you learned members. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Chris.

just a hunch here but they kinda look like very old Swedish marks to me

Not swedish - but I am sure it might be silver. Dont have time right now but I shall return later.
Swedish should include “cats paw” - and it is not there.
Right in picture could be assayers test mark - a zig zag stribe is it only these 2/3 ?

Thanks for your interest good people.

Swedish maybe you say…?

Maybe not…? Interesting.

All the hallmarks in the pic are what’s there… there’s no more than these that I can find.

So, that mark on the right is a zig zag…? I naturaly thought it was a “W”… sorry if I confused anyone.

This is great, getting some info on this… thank you everyone. :smiley:

Please tell me more…!

Swedish never !

Well my suggest that this piece might be Swedish was just a hunch and I am sure our friend Hose_dk knows nothern silver better than I do… that being said, I dont think the cats paw was used on very early Swedish silver say 1700 and 1800 and I did say very old Swedish. Does anyone know when the cats paw was first used just so I know in the future ?

I think that is a silverplate mark that was used by J. Prime of Birmingham England.
The firm became Thomas Prime and Son around 1844.

So mystery solved. Regarding swedish silver. I Think that this is my oldest piece from Sweden. City Norköping - yearmark 1779, master Petter Davidsson
Cats paw was used since.1753 - so most of swedish silver, that we see and can aquirre, has.

And now that we have reached scandinavia. Danish mark 3 towers used since 1608 - 400 years today. I dont have any 1608 but here we have 1716 - my oldest danish mark.

Thanks to all, and especially Snuffer… I think you have hit the nail on the head…!

Do you have any idea of the date of this piece…?

Does the “A” on the left mean anything…? :slight_smile: