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please can anyone help identify the maker

Hello everybody
I have recently purchased what I believe is a silver plated milk jug, can anyone tell me what the marks are , top right a 15 with what looks like star or ships wheel, bottom right ABS I presume the makers mark (looks too modern to be Adel Bellamy Savory,
the 15 cl is obvious but the 10 underneath is a mystery to me. The symbol engraved on the front is I presume impossible to identify.
My GGG. Grandfather was Adel Savory so I am hoping it’s by him :slight_smile:

As there are no fineness marks we have to assume that your jug is silver plated and, regrettably, not by any member of the Savory family. I guess that it is probably a French manufacturer, certainly not one I recognise.

I am interested that you have named your ancestor as Adel Bellamy Savory. All of the references to him have his first name as Adey. Was it a slip of the finger on your part or is there perhaps an interesting story to the variation in name?

You are quite right it’s Adey I bought it on the net as Adey bellamys . Agreat shame it’s not as it was going to be a present for my mother
Thanks for your help Phillip

As a matter of interest Adeys’ grandson was Joseph Savory Lord mayor of London.