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Please can you help identify these markings

Hi, I am struggling to identify these markings as they are a little warn out.

Any help would be great … especially with the numbers 14464 and what those mean.

Many thanks.

The number has no useful significance - it’s the serial number of the watch case. The other 3 marks (lion passant, leopard’s head uncrowned and “s”) are a London sterling silver hallmark for the assay year 1873/74. The little mark in the middle of these latter 3 is probably a journeyman’s, or tally, mark - the private mark of the workman who actually made the case. There should also be a maker’s mark, probably below the serial number, or on another part of the case.


Many thanks.

There is a mark below the serial number.

The maker’s mark is quite badly rubbed but I think it is probably SF for Samuel Freeman. Although this watch case was assayed in London, Freeman was based in Coventry which was a major centre of watchcase manufacture.

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