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Please help--Damaged/discolored item by using silver test acid

Thank you for reading my post.
Yikes!! I used a silver testing acid kit to test some silver and put a drop on the silver piece and then a few minutes later when I wiped it off. It left a discoloration mark where acid was . Yikes!! Is there anyway to remove this mark or have I damaged the piece.

I did not know this could happen!!!

Why don’t you send me a couple o high definition images and let me know if the piece is sterling or silverplate. If you need additional help, please call me at 401/461-6840 Rhode Island.

Thanks Jeff. Very kind of you. I do not have high definition photos and will take some and need to re-read article on silver or silver plated. The silver test acid turned the piece brown or dark red (see pic) so I assume sterling silver or .800.

Even more bad news for me: 1. To remove the spot on this piece that the acid left, I used a silver wipe that was rated very poorly on your list as highly abrasive.

Unfortunately for me the included directions for my acid testing kit did not say anything about that damage could occur if acid is put directly on item and how important it is to remove the acid after testing or even how to remove acid—which I still don’t know. Is it possible you could tell me how I am supposed to remove the acid after testing.
So more bad news:left acid on a silver bracelet for over a day and it turned green in spots.
Any suggestions for something I could do now-- rinsing under water did not help.
No more acid testing for me!

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Jeff, thanks for your offer to help. Any suggestions? Worse yet, the bracelet is really damaged by acid testing and is greenish.

I posted this 28 days ago. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Also, one silver bracelet has greenish spots from where acid was placed on it. How is acid removed from piece?