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Please help decipher unusual silver hallmarks.

Hi, I am trying to make sense of the hallmarks present on the corners of a writing pad, my friend acquired a few years ago. I tried to give her some history of the item, but my knowledge fell short.

My online research gave conflicting results:

LK into a rectangle Laurence Keary, Dublin 1825 hallmark … ml#2212ING

Great Britain, Birmingham 1904

Gorham 1904 imported silver?

I appreciate the help of the silver-collector experts. Thank you in advance.


I can say that this mark has no connection to Laurence Keary. The hallmark indicates that the silver was imported into the UK and assayed in Birmingham. I cannot make out the date letter so cannot confirm the assay date; 1904 would be “e”. The identity of LK is unknown to me but I have seen this mark on other imported silver.

I will go with Gorham as the maker for the time being then, untill I obtain some clearer confirmation of the origin. Thank you for your feedback.