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Please Help Deciphering a Hallmark

About all I can tell you is that it’s Sterling from Birmingham. I can’t make out the letter on the right, or the maker’s mark on the left, looks like it got polished a bit too heavily over the years. Maybe someone else here recognizes a bit more.

This mark doesn’t look right for a Birmingham mark, despite the anchor. Points going against it are:

  • the lion passant’s raised paw is going in the wrong direction
  • neither the mark on the left nor the one on the right look like any Birmingham date letter
  • nor does either mark look like part of a sponsor’s mark
  • the shape of the anchor punch, what is visible at least, does not match any Birmingham anchor from dates consistent with the form of the lion and anchor itself

I suspect it is a “pseudo-mark”, probably belonging to an American silversmith. A picture of the whole item might point towards an origin.


You’re right about the Lion passant mark, now that you point it out it’s obviously wrong for the UK.