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Please help identify maker and year

Hi again, I have also English sterling Creamer. City of Chester. Now I afraid to name the year. And can not find a maker . Please help

GN over RH is Nathan & Hayes of Birmingham and London. The initials are those of the founders of the company, George Nathan and Ridley Hayes. “N” is the date letter for the assay year 1896/97 and the other two marks show that this is Britannia standard silver (.958 as opposed to sterling at .925).


Phil,Is it Birmingham or Chester?

Chester - you were right.

Chester Assay Office was used by a lot of the larger Birmingham companies during a period of about 30 years from 1890 to 1920, or thereabouts, as Chester was able to give a faster turn-around than the somewhat overstretched Birmingham Assay Office.

Phil, your knowledge is unbelievable . I appreciate all your help.